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Tamyra (16) started riding with the Kent Association of Riding Therapy (KART) when she was a young student at Garnett Elementary School. Now at Kent County High School she has become a good rider, taking lessons whenever she can. Representing KART at several Special Olympic events she earned many ribbons and gold medals. She no longer rides with KART, but for several summers she has volunteered for KART, helping with the grooming and getting the horses ready for the day leading a horse during class sessions. The concentration required to control a horse has definitely carried over into the classroom and the interaction with the other volunteers has been good for her self-esteem.

Danny (11) has been riding with KART since he was two years old. Danny has cerebral palsy and is blind. The doctor’s told his mother that Danny would never hold up his head, much less sit up or walk. Today Danny is able to walk. He rides a horse and balances himself, unassisted, while following instructions given to him by riding instructor, Marco Belperio.  Danny's mother credits Danny's amazing progress to the Special Education teachers at the Kent County schools, regular physical, occupational, speech and vision therapy and his weekly riding sessions with KART.   It takes a special horse to be a therapeutic riding horse. Frequently described as “bomb proof” our horses must stay calm no matter what happens in the ring. KART horses are generally older, although we do currently have a couple of young, exceptionally gentle horses. So, please meet our special KART horses . . .


KART's Horses


Micah is a 5 year old year old Haflinger that has been in our program for a year. Although young, he is very quiet and easy going, traits for which Haflingers are known. Micah is very strong and sturdy and can carry a lot of weight, and he is short enough that side-walkers can easily assist a rider in need of support. Micah is a smart horse who loves to be around people and is a happy worker.





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Summer Session with Camp Fairlee
KART Antique Show 2007/2006

Even if you are not a horse person, we will find a use for your talents…volunteer leadership and service takes many forms…the hard work of our volunteer board members before the time at the farm is essential to bringing the riders, program volunteers and donations together!  Click here to find out more!

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