Meet Our Horses
KART horses have the temperament and training to work with our riders. Horses and riders are matched to create the best pairing for a successful session. Temperament, gait, age, health, conformation, energy level, responsiveness, sensitivity and level of training are just some of the considerations for the horses used in KART programs.


A Thoroughbred – Bay, born in 1995, Champ helps out when needed. He loves to be groomed and bathed so can be a perfect choice for barn management lessons. As a former turf race horse, Champ is ridden only in the ring as a trail ride can make him too excited for our special riders.


Leo is a Dark Bay, Trakehner, born in 1999. He quickly adapted to the KART program and became popular with many of the riders. He is very dependable in the arena and on a trail ride. Leo enjoys being in the field and gets along well with his field mates.

Little Man

Born in 2001, Little Man, a Bay Icelandic pony, quickly became a favorite at Worthmore. He is an essential member of the KART team. Little Man has been working in therapeutic riding programs since 2005. His small stature and gentle nature make him the perfect pony for young children and small adults.


Micah is a Haflinger that has been in the KART program since 2007. Although young, he is very quiet and easy going, traits for which Haflingers are known. Micah is very strong and sturdy and can carry a lot of weight, and he is short enough that side-walkers can easily assist a rider in need of support. Micah is a smart horse who loves to be around people and is a happy worker. He is our go-to horse when using the mechanical lift to transfer a wheelchair bound rider to a horse.

Do you have a horse to donate for the program?
It takes a special horse to be a program horse. Characteristics and considerations for a program horse include temperament, age, gait, health, sensitivity, among others. Donated horses require a two (2) week trial period, at which time they are evaluated for program use. For potential horse donations, please contact us at